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We inspect and diagnose roof damages

Wanting to know the condition of your roof after unpredictable weather in Calgary is normal. Stormproof Roofers, inspections take pride in investigating and diagnosing your roof damages. Our inspections take approximately one hour, and with our free estimates you get an assessment of the problems and solutions.

Roof replacements

Our team at Stormproof Roofers try their best to repair your roof. However if your roof has damage that compromises your safety we suggest a roof replacement.

Metal Soffit & Fascia solutions

Homeowners often miss checking the metal soffits and fascia because they are unfamiliar with the terms. Fascia is often mistaken for the trim. Instead the fascia is a long horizontal or angled board that encloses edges, and runs along the lower edge of the room projecting to the eaves. The fascia is also known as “bargeboard.” Additionally the fascia carries some of the guttering. The soffit connects the edge of a building’s roof to the exterior wall of a house. Both soffit and fascia are critical components to the roof, and work together to hold the eavestrough in place.

We repair fascias and soffits

Is your fascia sinking or bending? Is there a gap between the eavesdrop and fascia? Do you have a hot attic in the winter? Or rotting wood? Both your fascia and soffit may be compromised. Don’t worry we can fix it! We inspect the condition, suggest a replacement or repair. Book now!

Do you need your soffit and fascia replaced? We’re here to help.

Get a roof repair service in Calgary & neighboring areas.
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Residential Roofing & Commercial Roofing

No matter your needs we offer both residential roofing and commercial roofing services at Stormproof Roofers. Trust us to bring our expedite to your roofing need

Metal Roofing

Metal shingles have a longer life-span than asphalt shingles, and a great investment in saving you money on utility bills. The metal reflects solar heat, thus keeping the interior of your home cooler. Metal shingles are eco-friendly and are durable.

Environmental friendly

Energy efficiency 

Extreme durability

Asphalt roofing

Asphalt shingles are also known as 3-tab shingles and typically best for climates prone to extreme heat. They are fire resistant, and affordable.

Economical option

Fire resistant 

High level of durability

Snow & Ice Removal

If you live in Alberta you are more than familiar with the annual winters we are accustomed to. Freezing temperatures and snowstorms. For the Calgary homeowner, snow and ice build-up on the roof is inevitable. Snow removal is very different from shovelling a driveway. It can be dangerous and without the proper equipment you can damage your roof.

Snow & Ice-damming preventive services

When melted snow freezes on your roof it can create what is called an ice dam. The ice dams can prevent snow from falling off your roof. So why is this bad? Some homes in Calgary don’t have ice-membranes installed under their shingles. So when snow accumulates from a snowstorm it can leave your roof in a fragile state. Without a protective barrier your roof is at risk. Heavy snow means potential for a roof collapse. To prevent your roof collapsing from heavy snow we offer ice-damming and snow removal services.  Removing snow and ice on the roof should only be performed by experts.

Roofing repairs and maintenance

Our team at Stormproof Roofers can customize roofing repairs and maintenance with our custom preventative and maintenance plans. Maximize the lifespan of your roof, identify problems early. Book a free estimate today!


At Stormproof Roofers we recommend that homeowners have their roof inspection on a regular basis. Think of it like this, your dentist recommends an annual check up because you're not a trained dentist to inspect your teeth. You don't really know what's going on. The same concept applies to your roof.  We conduct an interior roof inception and exterior roof inspection.

How can I prevent roof damage?

To lengthen your roof’s lifespan get yearly roof inspections, and check for visible signs. For example you might have only 10% shingle repair needed, but if left unattended can worsen overtime.

Interior roof inspection Measure ventilation of attics; humidity levels & signs of condensation Signs of cracked roof sheathing Outdoor light coming inside your home Sagging decking

Exterior roof inspection Granule loss on shingles Damaged or rusted flashing Loose hip lines & shingles Damage to fascia board Curled shingles

Why Stormproof Roofers for shingle repairs and roof replacements ?
Roofing Warranty
Home protection

We provide thorough inspections so you can feel safe and protected in your home. Keep your roof protecting you.

Don’t wait for emergency roof situations.

It’s our mission to provide you a safer home. Find your roofing solution today.
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