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Roof Shingles Repair

Do you suspect your shingles are cracked? Or perhaps you’re wondering if you should pick asphalt or metal shingles. Luckily, we share a basic guide on roof shingles repair, and our services to help you treat, repair, and maintain your roof’s health.

Maintaining a secure and safe roof tops the list of home repairs. For some people their home or business is their largest investment. Investing in a new roof can be costly. Sometimes your roof may just need a repair or your whole roofing system may need to be replaced. These simple repairs can keep you and your loved ones safe and secure for years.

Signs of your shingles are due for a replacement:

Roofs aged over 20 years may have underlying issues

Shingles are curling up

Shingles are missing

Sagging roof deck

Signs of water damage

Biological growth such a moss or algae

Shingle granules in the eaves troughs

Gaps between surrounding shingles

Types of Shingle Replacements we offer

Stormproof Roofers, offers shingle replacements services and specializes in metal shingle replacement and asphalt shingles replacement.  Upon special request we can replace the following shingles:


Asphalt shingles

Wood shakes

Cedar shingles

Rubber shingles

Do you have signs of damaged shingles? We’re here to help.

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Metal Shingles

Metal shingles have a longer life-span than asphalt shingles, and a great investment in saving you money on utility bills. The metal reflects solar heat, thus keeping the interior of your home cooler. Metal shingles are eco-friendly and are durable.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are also known as 3-tab shingles and typically best for climates prone to extreme heat. They are fire resistant, and affordable. 

Roof Repairs

Sometimes you don’t need to replace your whole roof. If we conduct an inspection, your roof passes the assessment, and we have similar materials we’ll repair your roof.

Roof repairs we provide:

Cracked roof shingles repair

Curled roof shingle corners

Cracked Roof Shingles Repair

You could be contemplating “do I need a roof replacement when only one or two shingles are cracked?” or “do I need a roof replacement?” The answer depends on our inspection. We will assess the damage first. Typically, if there is less than 30% of damage, a roof repair will take care of the problem. If the damage is over 30% consider a new roof installation.

Curled roof shingle corners

Asphalt shingles will curl upwards or downwards due age or from harsh weather. Upon inspection if we find there aren’t any internal or structural problems we can repair your curled shingled corners.  Stormproof Roofers will professionally handle the curled roof shingle repair. It’s as easy as using a calking gun, and roofing sealant. Be we do more than just gluing your shingles. Discover more about our curled roof shingle repairs.

Are you looking for a shingle repair in the Calgary area?

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At Stormproof Roofers we recommend that homeowners have their roof inspection on a regular basis. Think of it like this, your dentist recommends an annual check up because you're not a trained dentist to inspect your teeth. You don't really know what's going on. The same concept applies to your roof.Even if your roof shingles visually look beautiful, don’t let it fool you. We conduct an interior roof inception and exterior roof inspection.

Interior roof inspection

Measure ventilation of attics; humidity levels & signs of condensation

Signs of cracked roof sheathing

Outdoor light coming inside your home

Sagging decking

Exterior roof inspection

Granule loss on shingles

Damaged or rusted  flashing

Loose hip lines & shingles

Damage to fascia board

Curled shingles

Roofing repairs and maintenance

Our team  at Stormproof Roofers we can customize roofing repairs and maintenance with our custom preventative and maintenance plans. Maximize the lifespan of your roof, identify problems early. Book a free estimate today!

Why Stormproof Roofers for shingle repairs and roof replacements ?
Home protection

We provide thorough inspections so you can feel safe and protected in your home. Keep your roof protecting you.

How can I prevent roof damage?

To lengthen your roof’s lifespan get yearly roof inspections, and check for visible signs. For example you might have only 10% shingle repair needed, but if left unattended can worsen overtime.

Think you might need a shingle repair or or roof replacement?

Stormproof Roofers offers a limited labor warranty on all new roofs we install.
In our 2 years of business we have completed 100+ houses for. Calgary’s top Roofing companies and our own clients.

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