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Is your roof currently leaking in Calgary?
Contact Stormproof Roofers now if your roof is leaking.

Stormproof Roofers uses quality roofing materials, free estimates and competitive repair costs. Read on how to repair a roof leak.

The most common leak repairs include:

Cracked or crushed vents

Ice damage

Damaged downspouts from debris and water

Improper installation of flashing, or roof edges

Clogged gutters seeping under roof shingles

Improper installation of roof valley; where roof slopes meet if installed incorrectly can cause water leakage

Condensation buildup due to poor attic ventilation and insulation

Damaged or missing shingles

Poorly sealed seams on flat or low slope roofs

How to avoid leaky roofs:
Enhance protection with waterproof Barriers

The function of the waterproof barrier is in its name; they add a layer of protection between your roof and shingles. To enhance your roof protection, consider adding layers of waterproof barriers. Waterproof barriers are durable, resistant to tearing, won’t absorb moisture, and reduce structural decay over time.

Optimize attic ventilation

Signs of poor ventilation installation can include cracked asphalt, watermarks in your attic ice damming during winter and roof sagging. When the air in your attic is too warm it condenses, thus causing water damage. Proper ventilation moves heat out of the attic, regulates temperatures and humidity levels.

Install hip and ridge caps

Wonder how wildlife can start their own habitat on your roof? You might have a gap in your hip and ridge. Hip and ridge caps are also known as roof capping. Hip and ridge capping fills the gaps between the shingles on your roof. By installing hip and ridge caps you can prevent wildlife from living on your roof, water leaks and roof sheathing mold.

Inspect the skylight regularly

Water damage to the skylight can cause mold to grow or a buildup of algae. To prevent algae or mold growing in your skylight conduct routine inspections on skylights. You may want to replace your skylights during a roof repair.

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Avoid Emergency Leaky Repairs
Avoid Emergency Leaky Repairs:

The last thing a homeowner wants is a large bill. When water accumulates in your roof, and seeps into your house it can be alarming. And foremost, can lead to a large expense such as plumbing services to clear the water, and damaged valuables. To avoid unexpected expenses
Such as emergency leaks, consider enrolling in Stormproof Roofers maintenance programs.

When do I need a roof placement?

If your roof a decade or older? You should consider a roof inspection and roof repair.

What is an asphalt shingle?

Asphalt shingles are also known as 3-tab shingles and are typically best for climates prone to extreme heat. They are fire-resistant, and affordable. 

What is a metal shingle?

Metal shingles have a longer life-span than asphalt shingles, and a great investment in saving you money on utility bills. The metal reflects solar heat, thus keeping the interior of your home cooler. Metal shingles are eco-friendly and are durable.

How can I prevent roof damage?

To lengthen your roof’s lifespan, get yearly roof inspections, and check for visible signs. For example, keep your roof clear from leaves, and make sure your gutters are unclogged to prevent algae blooms. The accumulation of water in gutters can cause mold, and leaking roofs.

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