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About Us:

Stormproof Roofing & Repairs Ltd. is a local family-owned and operated
Calgary business run by Calgarians

Bryce was born and raised in Calgary and is a 4th generation Albertan.

His Grandfather insulated the Husky Tower known today as the Calgary Tower.


Bryce  has worked for many of the top roofing companies in the city for 15 years.  

We decided to start Stormproof Roofing & Repairs Ltd. in 2022 . 


In our 2 years of business we have completed 100+ houses for

Calgary's top Roofing companies and our own clients.


We would like to thank them here for trusting Stormproof and giving us homes and contracts.  You know who you are.


We look forward to helping you make the right roofing decisions for your home. 

Stormproof Roofing & Repairs Ltd.

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