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Calgary Roofing Professionals

Prompt Service Premier Results
From Quote to Completion We've Got You Covered


Residential Re-Roof,  Cedar Shake, Attic Ventilation, Gutter Cleaning, Skylight & Chimney Re-Flashing, Leak Detection, Flex Pipe Replacement

We Repair:  

Leaks, Skylights and Siding

Other Services:

Inspections, Roof Cleaning, Troubleshooting of Problem Areas, Bird problems, Emergency Snow Removal, New Con for Builders and Companies


Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

Deciding on a New Roof Is a Big Decision.
At Stormproof we Have you Covered

Whether you need a full roof replacement, repair or a simple gutter cleaning we will make sure to discuss every detail with you from start to finish.

You will know exactly how much it is going to cost and what to expect. 


We have relationships with the top roofing supply companies in Calgary and will get you the best deal we can for you on materials and supplies.

If you have had a quote let us get on your roof and try to beat it.

At Stormproof we take safety seriously.

We are fully insured, WCB covered and adhere to the Alberta roofing standards.


We look forward to solving all your roofing needs.                    

Bryce Jones

Owner of Stormproof Roofing & Repairs Ltd.

Our Promise

Company Bio


Stormproof Roofing & Repairs Ltd. is a local family owned and operated

Calgary business run by Calgarians.


Bryce was born and raised in Calgary and is a 4th generation Albertan.

His Grandfather insulated the Husky Tower known today as the Calgary Tower.


Bryce  has worked for many of the top roofing companies in the city for 15 years.  

We decided to start Stormproof Roofing & Repairs Ltd. in 2022 . 


In our 2 years of business we have completed 100+ houses for

Calgary's top Roofing companies and our own clients.


We would like to thank them here for trusting Stormproof and giving us homes and contracts.  You know who you are.


We look forward to helping you make the right roofing decisions for your home. 

Stormproof Roofing & Repairs Ltd.

Colorful Roof Tiles
Roofers at Work
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Roof Shingles
Roof Tiles
Roof Tiles
Roofers at Work
Colorful Roof Tiles
Roof Shingles
Roof Tiles
Roof Construction
Roof Shingles
Red Roof
Roof Construction
Roofer at Work

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