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Calgary Residential Roofing Solutions since 2022

Stormproof Roofers is a family-owned business based in Calgary and is a trusted and  fully insured residential roofing company.In our 2 years of business we have completed 100+ houses.

Roofing Services in Calgary

Residential Re-Roof

Cedar Shake

Attic Ventilation

Gutter Cleaning

Skylight & Chimney Reflashing

Metal Roofing

Other Services

Leak Repair

Skylights and Siding Repair


Bird problems

Is your roof damaged or leaky?
Stormproof Roofers for a free estimate

Homes older than 20 years may suffer from missing shingles, damaged shingles and  unwelcome wildlife. Severe weather like snow storms, hail and heavy rains can damage your roof, leaving leaks inside your home. We offer  roofing services to stand against nature's forces.

Why Choose Us?

We choose quality supplies with warranties. Because we want our clients to have the best roofing materials.

At Stormproof Roofers we are fully licensed, insured and WCB.

Your Trusted Calgary Roofers 

Stormproof Roofers., is a trusted Calgary roofer.We are a proud family business with a commitment to quality and safety. As a premier roofing company in Calgary we provide excellent durability.

Roof Inspections - We cover all the angles

Stormproof Roofers Inspects everything. We have a comprehensive roofing inspection process that looks at everything from the roofing materials, structural design to moss or algae buildup.

At Stormproof Roofers, we identify all roofing system concerns. We conduct a thorough assessment on your roof’s condition. After our analysis we provide a detailed report of the condition of your roof. No matter how old or new your home is you can count on us to provide quality services to protect your home and safety.

About Us:
A family owned business with a mission to built safe roofs

Stormproof Roofers is devoted to fixing your roof.As a family owned business we value long-term relationships and attending to your needs and concerns. We maintain high standards in repairing your roof.
Our team of experts at Stormproof Roofers supply superior materials to protect your home and keep you safe. We specialize in roof repairs, new roof installation, roof removal, roof maintenance and more.
Additionally we have successfully completed over 100 housing projects in our 2 years of operation Stormproof Roofers is committed to excellence in every roofing project we part take in. We value our clients and provide and proudly serve the Calgary area

What are the signs of water damage or a leaking roof?
Signs of water damage from a leaking roof:

Musty smell


Ceiling stains

Dirty or clogged soffits

Damaged plumbing vents

Did you find water damage or a leaking roof? We’re here to help.

Is there any black water leaking from your ceilings? Or perhaps a foul musty smell. These are all signs of water damage from your roofing system. If you happen to notice these signs be sure to give us a call.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, at Stormproof Roofers we will provide all customers with the manufacturer's warranty that can cover defects of materials over an extended period of time. Additionally we offer workmanship warranty.

Do you install roofs in the winter?

Yes we do install roof systems all year round. Safety is our priority, so if the weather is too dangerous it will have to be delayed.

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